Jul 14, 2016

2 Car Window Sunshades with UV Protection by FAST MILE

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About the Product

Dear driving moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas,

How do you cover your car windows so that your kids are effectively protected from the sun? With roll-ons, with suction cup shades or...? Unfortunately, these do not cover the window 100% and still let the sun in from various angles, right?

A lot of parents that face this problem every sunny day have found the best solution - Car Window Sunshades by FAST MILE!

You will be totally impressed by this product and your kids will no longer have to cover their eyes from the sunshine! And even your four-legged passenger will no longer have to stick his head out to get fresh air - our shades let you open the window with the still on. He or she will bark in joy! :)

NEW IMPROVED VERISON of our sun shades also leaves your car exterior mesh-free!

We understand how proud you are of your car and that it could be annoying to cover its nice exterior with a mesh. Our new one-sided sun shade version gives you a full sun protection and is almost unnoticeable from the outside!

All the moms and dads are excited about this and you, dear blogger, can be the one who will spread the sunny message to the wide world! :)

Well State wishes you the best day & hopes to get a message from you soon!

I was sent this product for a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

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