Jun 13, 2016

Premium Tea Gift Box Set-Sealed Pouches 17 TUMBLER

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About the Product

About the Product
RARE, PREMIUM TEA ASSORTMENT - Hard to find, limited quantities, premium Green tea, Oolong tea, Red Tea, & White tea
SPECIAL RARE, PREMIUM TEA ASSORTMENT - Hard-to-find, limited quantities of rare + premium Green tea, Oolong tea, Red Tea, & White tea. Experience the finer things in life!
PERFECT ASSORTMENT so any new or novice tea drinker can explore every genre of tea easily, White, Green, Oolong and Red Tea - four packets of each plus a bonus Special tea pouch
CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE - With pre-portioned loose tea pouches, brewing tea has never been easier. Simply open a packet, pour it in your tumbler and fill with hot water. Ready to go!
A NATURAL TEA EXPERIENCE - Quality, pesticide-free pre-portioned packs of loose leaf tea and a BPA-free tumbler. No artificial anything. Just the cleanest cup of tea that nature can provide.

Product Description

Size: 17 W Tumbler
Teabook brings you the gift of rare, high-end teas that you will love in this variety tea box gift set.

Assortment box of loose leaf of teabook teas with tumbler. The pre-portioned high-quality packets enable on-the-go brewing without oversteeping in any 12 oz cup; you can leave the tea leaves longer (1 to 2 hours) without worrying about the tea becoming bitter. Box includes four varieties of tea: White, Green, Red, and Oolong; and one special premium tea. We purposely seek out high-elevation, quality tea from small farms that don't use pesticides. We hand-select higher quality teas to avoid bitterness and astringency, eliminating the concern of over-steeping.

Teas includes:
WHITE:Silver Needle white tea from Xiangxi, Hunan, China. The dry leaf invites you with hints of honeydew melon and when brewed an aroma of sweet bread and blackberry pie emerges. The light gold liquor has flavor notes dance between shortbread, biscuits with sweet cream and even hints of rose.

GREEN:Green Bud green tea from Changde, Hunan, China. This green tea is a mild, savory, buttery winter treat. This beautiful twisted and rolled leaf slightly opens in the first steep releasing aromatic hints of fresh vegetables and spearmint.

OOLONG: Bai Hao Oolong tea (Oriental Beauty) from Nideng, Fujian, China.
This Bai Hao Oolong tea is golden amber liquor with a lovely sweet aroma that resemble fresh dark chocolate and hints of raspberry..

RED: Sunset Red (Hunan Hong) from Changde, Hunan, China.
We call this tea Sunset Red reflecting both its color and warming flavor. It is robust, sweet and fresh. The aromas and flavors dance between soft buttery caramels and milk chocolate! A smooth and tasty treat any time of day. The finish is floral and lingers a bit on the tongue.

Great tea wherever you go with Teabook!

Dishwasher Safe. NOT microwave safe. CAUTION contents may be hot. Can be used for iced tea.

I was sent this product in for free exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.

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