Jun 17, 2016

MLVOC Wireless Doorbell Set

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About the Product

1. REMOTE CONTROL SIGNAL UP TO 1,000 FT In Open Area. Living in a large house or sleep upstairs, you would need your doorbell working distance to be longer, say our 1,000 FT super long distance one that covers your whole place.
2. FEATURES 36 CHIME VARIATIONS. Tired of the traditional Ding **** sound, we have added up more options for your choice with 36 variation of chimes. Change different chime sound to better meet your mood and style.
3. RECEIVER WITH BUILT-IN AC POWER BATTERY. Based on the smart built-in rechargeable lithium battery, all you need to do is to simply plug in to the AC power port and then it work automatically.
4. EASY TO SET UP AND CHANGE. To get them to work, just connect the receiver to the electric power, mount the transmitter on the wall and that's it, simple installation.
5. PROVIDE DOUBLE OPTIONS TO MOUNT THE TRANSMITTER. Besides mounting the transmitter with the nut and screw, we now provide an easier way by sticking it with the double sided adhesive strip that come together with the package.

I was sent this product in for free exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.
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