Jun 15, 2016

MLVOC UV Flashlight

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About the Product

1. FAST DETECTS PET URINE, STAIN AND ODOR. Using this UV flashlight, you can easily detect pet urine, stain and odor on the floor, table, clothes or in the food. It could also be used for identifying currency, passport, driver license, ID cards and so on.
2. KEEP YOU AND YOUR BABY AWAY FROM FLOURESCENT BRIGHTENER. With MLVOC UV black light flashlight, any fluorescent brightener from facial mask, skin care products and clothes could be effectively discovered, ensuring you a good health.
3. MORE OBVIOUS EFFECT. It is tested and proven that the effect of 365nm will be more obvious comparing with that of 395nm. 365 nm nearly white light, pet urine under 365 nm irradiation is blue(distinguish accurate).
4. UV MARK PEN AND CARRYING POUCH FOR FREE. Based on the tiny size and the present of a carrying pouch, it is very convenient to carry outside. And now we are giving you another present, a UV mark pen!
5. NEEDS ONLY ONE BATTERY. This UV flashlight is unique from others given that it need only one AA battery to make it run, and the focal distance is adjustable.( Not Include Battery )

I was sent this product in for free exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.
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