Jun 15, 2016

Golfing T-Shirt from GolfShirtHero.com

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About the Product

I admit that I may have a problem. I love to golf more than I love doing anything else. Some people may feel this way, and never say it. Some people may say it, and never mean it. I mean it, I say it, and my wife may hate me for it...if she wasn't just as avid of a golfer as I am, that is. For years I worked hard during the week and golfed hard on the weekends. My mind was constantly on the game, so my work in data entry suffered. Then, I realized that I could make my living centered around the one thing I loved to do: golf! I decided I would sell the very best golf t-shirts on the Internet and then hit the links every afternoon I wanted.

Well, it didn't work out that way at all. At first, Golf Shirt Hero started slowly. I still worked at my normal job and spent all weekend making my Website and my product the best it could be. I was a one-man army on a mission to conquer the Internet. It was a pretty foolish notion, I know. It wasn't too long until I realized that I was putting so much work into the Online store, that I had gone weeks without touching my clubs. Do you know what? I found out that I didn't care. This Website was going to be the best, and if I had to work around the clock to make that happen...then so be it. I had a new passion.

It has been some time since I started this small company, and I've never been more glad with my life. I've quit my old job and I do this full time now. It takes that kind of dedication to make sure that each and every one of my customers gets the very best product that can be delivered to their doorstep. These golf t-shirts aren't just really cool, they're made to extremely high standards as well. I want every golf fan who orders from me to know that these clothes are made with love for the game in his heart, and I want that customer to come back for all of their golf apparel needs.

I knew this project wouldn't be easy, but I had no idea how time consuming being a popular golfing t-shirt vendor would really be. I even had to get some helping hands around here to make certain that my customers got their orders in the fastest time possible. I have a 24 hour shipping policy that most companies would never even consider. Once your order is placed into our system, your shirts will ship no later than 24 hours after the order is placed. If there is an issue with your order and there is any rare concerns about your shirt, then all you have to do is call or email me! I will do ANYTHING to make your shopping experience the most satisfying experience you've ever had.

I'm back to only golfing on Sundays again, but that's okay. I do something I love now, and I'm happy selling my awesome golf t-shirts to people who love the game as much as I do. Thank you for your business and thank you for making my dreams a reality.

I was sent this product in for free exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.
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