May 11, 2016

TripleBooster 3 ports Car Charger 7.2A 36W

This charger is awesome. It has 3 different types of charging cables. One for every different type of phone. It comes with a carrying case as well. The port allows you to charge multiple phones in the car at one time! This is a great product and it will come in very handy while on the road.

You can order yours here!

From the Company

Get Spectacular Results From A Spectacular Product.
Use our TripleBooster, follow our simple instructions, and get perfect results.
That is our promise to you. This means no headaches, no arguments, no dissatisfaction, and no quality sacrificing.

Get A Complete Set for Complete Operation Results.
When you buy our product, you get the following items in a gift package:
- The TripleBooster Charger: Durable, Powerful and safe for use.
- A Micro-USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For Android 5V based phones and tablets.
- A 30-Pin USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For iPhone 4, or any 5V based product that use this connector.
- A 8-Pin USB cable: 1m long, rated for 2.4A, For iPhone 6, or any 5V based product that use this connector.
- A welcome guide that includes the TripleBooster site address. As a VIP member, you are entitle to bonuses from time to time.
- A cloth bag to store the cables in, when they are not in use.
- A User-Guide with simple instructions on how to operate the TripleBooster.
- All are packed in a Gift-Package, so you can send it to your loved ones as a gift.

Get Complete Satisfaction. Both In Product And In Service.
Customer trust is our highest priority, and we stand behind each and every product we sell.
That is why we offer a lifetime, around-the-click support. This way you are always covered.
Please: don't waste your money on cheap, Low-Rated knock-offs that come packed in plastic bags.

We know how disappointing this can be, and we think that you deserve better.

I was sent this product in for free exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.

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