Apr 14, 2015

Luxy Beauty Care - Stretch Mark Cream

I love this product I have been using it for around 14 days and I can see results! My stretch marks aren't as dark as they were before and it looks like some have actually disappeared. I apply it two times daily after my morning shower and at night after I shower. I really didn't think it would work.  But honestly use this the recommended way and you will see the results. I really like this. And I'm defiantly going to be buying more when I have finished using this bottle.

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What the Company Says:

STRETCH MARK CREAM WITH NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - For Prevention and Reduction of Old and New Stretch Marks.

If you are looking to fade away your stretch marks, Luxy Beauty Care Stretch Marks Cream is what you are looking for!

✓ Contains key ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Oil, Orange Oil, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Tocopheryl acetate(Vitamin E)

✓ Helps in reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks by increasing the moisture content of the skin, so that it has a more even tone and feels smooth and supple to the touch.

✓ Specifically formulated to increase your skin's Collagen and Elastin Production.

✓ Ensures that the moisture seeps deep into your skin and stays locked in. This improves your skin's elasticity, which in turn helps to prevent new tears and marks from forming.

✓ Applicable on affected areas - abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs, lower back, and buttocks.

✓ Hydrates skin and Absorbs easily.

✓ It works for all skin types.

✓ Suitable for Men and Women.

✓ Free of harsh chemicals.

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.
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