Apr 29, 2015

Dream Dots - Treatment Patches For Breakouts

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Super Cool 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount

This phone mount is perfect for me! I love knowing exactly where my phone is while I'm in the car without having to try and find it blindly when keeping my eyes on the road. This phone holder is definitely much better than the last one I was using, at times the old one would just fall off the window where this one holds so much better. It is exactly at the perfect height and distance for me to glance over easily when I use my Galaxy S3. This phone mount is unbelievably versatile. You can use it on the window or on your vent. I highly recommend!

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Libian Jr Plus Size Floral Lace Dress for Spring

Everything about this dress is stunning. The fabric is remarkable and it has great weight without being too heavy. It hugs me so flawlessly! I was always so insecure when it come to dresses, but this dress made me feel fearless and attractive. I am a big girl and it is hard to find dresses that makes my body look like a piece of art. I love the fact that it comes with a lining so that I don't have to wear a slip underneath. Slips are so aggravating and I despise to wear them! When I buy dresses I usually buy a size bigger, I'm a 1x but with this dress I got it in a size 2x and it fit me perfectly! Very comfortable and flattering, I received so many compliments on this dress! This is a must have!! This is a fabulous item for the upcoming Spring and Summer weather. Overall, it's a pleasant, gorgeous dress. I highly recommend!

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Apr 28, 2015

Biotin by Number One Nutrition

I don't know about hair growth just yet, but I had very thin, brittle nails all my life, and they have gotten worse the last few years, especially from using acrylic nails. The nail beds were short and narrow also. After taking Biotin, (I took 2 per day for around a month), the nail beds have grown wider and longer and I have thicker nails for the first time in my life. This is awesome stuff! I highly recommend!

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The UltiMITT by Thermalabs

It's a must have item. It worked wonderfully with the bronzing mousse that I have. My hands have never looked better after applying a self-tanner. It has definitely made the application process so much smoother and even. No mess between the fingers, no orange palms and no messed up irregular patches from having to apply it with your hands and immediately washing them afterwards. I also love the fact that when I am finished with the mitt all I have to do is throw it into the washer. The UltiMITT is an exceptional item to have! I highly recommend!

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Apr 27, 2015

Advanced Probiotic All Natural

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What the Company Says:

Do You Know?
(1) Bacterial cells in the normal human flora outnumber the human cells in our bodies by about 10 to 1.
(2) Gastrointestinal (GI) tract is responsible for 80% of the immune system health.
(3) Overdosing probiotic bacteria can be as bad as lacking sufficient probiotic bacteria in the GI track and causes gas, bloating, cramp, constipation, lethargy, and depression.
Bring Balance to the Intestinal Flora Can:
(a) Promote daily relief from allergies, gas, bloating and constipation;
(b) Improve digestive health;
(c) Improve immune system;
(d) Help control weight;
(e) Improve mood and energy level.

Our Advantages:
(1) Our advanced probiotics consists of carefully handpicked seven essential probiotic bacteria that are naturally residing in human body. Each strain of bacteria is biologically stable enough to go though the tough GI track environment and reach the destination to be effectively absorbed.
(2) Optimized amount of probiotic bacteria to avoid over-dosage. 11.5 Billions CFU per serving.
(3) Advenced blend including L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. Caise, B. longum, B. breve, B. subtilis.
(4) Controlled Release Capsule to ensure consistent supply of probiotic bacteria to the target destination even with once a day intake.
(5) Proudly made in USA by an FDA registered cGMP certified facility with 100% natural ingredients.

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Stanzino Women's V Neck Short Sleeve Elastic Waist Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so adorable. I ordered it in a size XXL. It is very form fitting. I adore that it has the V-neckline because I can wear a cute tank underneath if I want. Without a tank, it can give you that sexy look that we all need every once in a while....Lol. It is made of a very soft material and is very comfortable. It is the type of suit that I could dress up for a night out with my husband or I can dress down for a casual dinner with the family. The length is just right for me. I am 5'7 and it fit excellent! I will be purchasing other colors in this jumpsuit. I highly recommend!

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Kids Headphones Headset by Sentey

I got these for my son and I think they are perfect. The band that goes over his head is so simple, and because it's one continuous band, he hasn't broken it yet. Also, the sound quality is great, the cable is long enough and I like the volume control. I also love the fact that he can just fold them up when he is finished with them. That way they are easily stored and put away where he can find them easily. I highly recommend!

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Living Beatitudes Aromatherapy Essential Oils

I am rather blown away at what I got with this set. I really wanted some organic essential oils, and those don't come cheap. Also, I am a beginner using essential oils, so I didn't really want to pay a lot of money when I might be making mistakes and accidentally wasting them. They smell strongly even after using them for about a month now. These oils have worked excellently with my diffusers and am pleased with the variety of oils to start up my inventory. All four of the scents that come in this set smell marvelous, but I have to say that my personal preference would be the orange. This set would make a perfect gift idea!

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Apr 26, 2015

SUMO Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

I believe that many people will remember the ice cream parlor-type ice cream scoops with the side "trigger" which made the ice cream scoop release. Well, it's obvious that this ice cream scoop doesn't have this specialty; however, I would not pass this SUMO Ice Cream Scoop up so quickly! It is a heavy weight product in a "good" way. When you have to scoop very cold ice cream, the outer metal tip of this scoop is a little pointed therefore it is more competitive and great for cleaning out nearly empty ice cream containers. It is easy to remove whatever little ice cream remains on this item and clean up of this tool is very easy. I run water and soap over the tool. It's very easy on the wrists, also. This is a keeper! I highly recommend!

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Max Potency Testosterone Booster

As most of you know I can't review this product because I'm a female so I let my husband review this one. This is what he has to say.

I love the Max Potency Testosterone Booster! I now I have plenty of enthusiasm to do what I need to do during the day unlike before I was just so tired all the time. I'm a lot happier because the Max Potency Testosterone Booster has helped me with stress levels. It has also helped me with my workouts and my sex drive is great! I have never felt so healthy and strong before. I highly recommend!

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Apr 23, 2015

Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale

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What the Company Says:

Your search is over! The Smart Weigh SMS500 is the perfect match for what you have been seeking in a memory scale and its advanced step-on technology makes using a scale easier than ever before. Simply step on and receive your precise readings immediately. No set up is needed and you can be on your way to tracking your weight in no time. Why the SMS500? That's easy, because it knows you! In addition to its ease of use, it features an incredible auto recognition functionality that utilizes memory to store and recall the information of up to eight user profiles. That's right, eight users! This is the decisive solution for health, wellness tracking and weight loss, as it differentiates between measurements every time you step on this scale. It will tell you whether you have gained weight or lost it and its large LED display will light up with a color in accordance. Red if you've gained weight and green if you have lost weight, or seen no weight gain. Tracking your results could not be simpler. What sets Smart Weigh apart from everyone else is the advanced sensor technology featured in this scale. It's our way of ensuring our scales are one of the most accurate on the market. We use precision mechanics and components that will alert you if your scale has been moved or needs to be recalibrated. This further enforces the benefit of the innovation and accuracy found within a Smart Weigh scale. The SMS500 records measurements in lbs. and oz. and has a very high capacity, 440 lbs.! It uses 4 AAA batteries and includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Orion Ultimate Survival LED Lantern and Power Bank

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What the Company Says:

The Orion Ultimate Survival LED Lantern and Power Bank by Supernova is the most versatile survival tool available and features both a stunningly bright LED Lantern and a built in Power Bank.

It features:

✔ 180 Max Lumens Lantern for camping, emergencies, hiking, and more

✔ Built in Power Bank charges phones, tablets, or any other handheld device so that you are never left without power

✔ Easy On/Off Operation by simply opening and closing the lantern

✔ Compact and retractable design for easy storage and mobility

✔ Operates on either 3 AA batteries (included) or 2 lithium ion batteries (also included) for maximum operating time and flexibility

✔ Brushed gun metal finish makes the Orion as durable as it is beautiful

The Ultra Bright LED Lantern component has 4 different modes of operation:

- High

- Low

- Red

- Flashing Red

Everything you need in order to use your Orion right out of the box comes included at no extra charge:

✔ 180 Max Lumens Rechargeable Power Bank Camping Lantern

✔ 3 AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

✔ 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

✔ Micro USB Recharging Cable

✔ Instructions and Manufacturer Warranty Registration Details

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Apr 22, 2015

NutriNatures LLC Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract 75HCA

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What the Company Says:

More Value with NutriNatures Garcinia Cambogia
Try our Garcinia Cambogia to see significant reduction in your belly fat. Our double-dose product is a great value. You get 60 percent more with our 800 mg capsules than other brands that give you only 500mg per capsule. In addition, we've managed to obtain the highest concentration in the market today through our special organic chemistry lab. Compare and see how much more you get for your money.

No Exercise? No Diet?
Don't have time to exercise? Don't worry! This high potency product can burn away 4 pounds each month, even if you don't diet or exercise. When you add a healthy diet and exercise, you can see up to 10 pounds of weight loss every month. Scientific studies have proven that this appetite suppressant ingredient works to help you burn off fat before it can accumulate in your body, and secretes it in your urine. You can increase your metabolism, boost your digestive system and sleep better at night. You will be healthier and happier.

Clinically Tested for Purity and Potency
Each and every batch of capsules is tested for purity, potency and safety. We choose only the finest ingredients from farms known for producing fruit of the highest potency. The processed ingredients are examined for chemical and microbial contamination. Each pill is analyzed meticulously to meet our strict standards with third-party laboratories, part of our commitment to providing the best quality product.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
NutriNatures believes people can live better, healthier lives through high quality nutritional supplements. After all, only the highest potency ingredients give you the RESULTS. We are offering 100% money back guarantee for 365 days with confidence. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our service. It's time to take action!

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Apr 21, 2015

Addium - Limitless Pill - Powerful Nootropic

If you're looking for a pill that will give you unending focus, prolonged motivation, and heightened intelligence...look elsewhere. Also, if you're looking for a product that will subtly but noticeably provide a clear mind and a neutral attitude towards work or other intellectual activities, Addium may be the way to go. Addium does provide a real benefit for those who have long hours in the office, deadlines, finals, etc. I like to analogize it to an IV drip. It doesn't give you any jittery feelings or waves of euphoria that make you feel like you can conquer anything. It gives you a sustained source of energy where you can keep doing what you're doing with very little brain fog. While on Addium you feel normal, as if you're just there doing your work. It's only when you look back after hours of working that you realize how productive you were, with the added feeling that you don't really feel overworked or tired. Just normal. It's a pretty good product. I highly recommend!

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Apr 18, 2015

Creativeopedia Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

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What the Company Says:

BBQs are great fun when entertaining your friends outdoors. Silicon BBQ Gloves will protect your hands while Barbecuing, Cooking or in the Freezer. If you're happy at Creativeopedia we are happy.
  • Use on the barbecue, when cooking in the kitchen or in the Chest Freezer, BPA Free and FDA approved.
  • Barbecue Gloves with great grip that make it stress free to pick up the grate to add fuel, grab that meat straight off the fire or pull pork while it is still hot.
  • Waterproof Barbecue Gloves that cover your wrists but not your elbows if you want long gloves this is not the gloves for you.
  • Avoid accidents with FDA approved Heavy-duty heat resistant 6.7 oz 5 finger BBQ Gloves; temperature resistant up to 425ºF and down to minus 40ºF.
  • Easy to Clean Silicon BBQ Gloves, that washes in soapy water or in the dishwasher.

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Apr 17, 2015

French Press for Coffee and Tea - Complete Bundle

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What the Company Says:

The Kitchen Supreme French Press will help you to obtain a CREAMY, FOAMY, VELVETY and PURE coffee and tea. This is the best Coffee Maker for your delicate mornings. DELIGHT YOUR SENSES starting the morning with the smell of essential oils from coffee beans and tea leaves.

This is what we prepared for you in the pack:
1. The Kitchen Supreme French Press (1.000 ml/34 Oz).
Created from the highest quality materials: Double wall – Borosilicate Glass; This is the only type of glass conceived to resist at thermal shocks, it will hardly crack! /Stainless Steel Punger, Frame and Filer Screens.
2. 4 FILTER Screens: The only Press Pot that comes with 4 Screens System for no more grounds in your pure coffee. One Filter is already assembled and the other three are separately inserted in the pack.
3. 1 Unique SPOON made from thick stainless steel for honey, sugar and desert.
4. 1 Coffee/Tea SCOOP.
5. HARD COPY Instructions and Barista Secrets

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.

Novelty Goods Ltd. Amber Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats

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What the Company Says:

Enky Travel Pillow

The Enky travel pillow makes numerous high backed chairs extra comfortable. With it my head is well supported at a comfortable angle for many different activities. It is particularly useful while sitting to travel by train, car and air. I like the way the interior is manageable and doesn't flatten even if I press hard on it. It is easy to keep clean and convenient to carry with me where ever I go.
I highly recommend!

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What the Company Says:

Vitamin Elite Elite Omega 3

Works great when eaten with food, e.g. evening meal. A few times I took them with coffee in the morning and I think the hot liquid destroyed the 'fish burp' coating. Not exactly what you want to taste in the am. Take with food and you'll be fine. My cholesterol numbers are all within normal limits. The ONLY thing I did different was I started taking the Fish Oil. I have had nothing but great results with this product! I highly recommend!


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Apr 15, 2015

VenJoin Womens Harem Gaucho Baggy Pants

I unquestionably adore these pants! They are so incredibly comfortable and run true to size. They appear like they are made of a luxurious silk material. I have always admired the Boho appearance so these were just excellent for my Spring wardrobe. The colors and patterns on these pants are just gorgeous. I had no difficulty when I washed them. No shriveling or discoloration. Just make sure that you wash on gentle cycle. I did not dry them in the dryer. I laid them flat to air dry. I extremely recommend!

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What the Company Says:

Knife Sharpener From Priority Chef

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What the Company Says:

Not All Knife Sharpeners Are Created Equal! - This Priority Chef knife sharpener is different from the many other knife sharpeners available on the market today. Most sharpeners will create a typical straight 'V' shaped finish. This Priority Chef knife sharpener model PC-KN02 will create a concave shaped finish to your knife, giving an extra sharpness that most other sharpeners can't compete with.

Ergonomically Designed Handle and Non Slip Base - The stylish knife sharpener's handle has been designed to fit comfortably when in use allowing you a good firm grip and has a soft, cushioned non-slip base under that stylish steel base!

Please Note - This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives.

2 Stage Knife Sharpening System - Priority Chef's professionally designed advanced knife sharpener has 2 stages that can transform any straight edged knife to a new level of sharpness that almost any professional chef would be proud of. Stage 1 uses Tungsten carbide blades and should only be used for the dullest of blades. Around 3-4 pulls through this section will prepare your knife shape for the next step. Stage 2 uses 2 ceramic wheels that will give your knife a high-quality finish and a razor like edge.

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.

Apr 14, 2015

KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser

After over 20 years of dealing with messy pancake and cake batter dispensing I can finally appreciate and enjoy making my husband and kids favorites without dealing with the inconsistent pancake and cupcake sizes. And also the mega clean-up afterwards! That was always the worst part for me. Genius idea and works amazingly well! I also love the fact that it had the measurements on it also. So it could be used for more than just your batters. How did I ever survive without this product for all those years? I whole heartily recommend this!

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What the Company Says:

RFID Blocking Sleeves, BLOCKIT Credit Card

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What the Company Says:

THE SECRET OF MAKING PEOPLE LIKE YOU... "I became very popular among family and friends when I introduced them to my BLOCKIT credit card protection sleeve. Nobody knew about RFID chips embedded in their credit cards or the HUGE new risk of digital theft!" - Terri Patterson,Murrieta, CA


An estimated one-third of all existing Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards have an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that carries financial and personal data- which digital thieves can steal in seconds. It's called DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING! Using digital readers they buy off the Internet for about $100, unscrupulous people- without ever touching you- can steal your name, account number, card expiration date and other information off your card, while it's tucked away safely in your wallet or purse.

SECURE YOUR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL DATA NOW... BLOCKIT Sleeves will protect your privacy and secure your most valuable data from digital pickpocketing. Each BLOCKIT Sleeve is engineered using 3 performance layers - A layer of aluminum material blocks 13.56MHz frequencies, a copper substrate layer blocks all 125kHz, while the outer layer is a glossy paper with attractive full color design.

- Our EXCLUSIVE designs fit in ALL wallet card slots
- 6 Different colors make finding the right card quick and simple.
- Highest Quality RFID Sleeve on the market

RISK FREE, NO BRAINER OFFER... MYBLOCKIT.COM offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed LIFETIME WARRANTY! Our website price for this set is $29.99, but for a LIMITED TIME we are offering a discounted price of just $14.99 to Amazon customers only. This PRICING WILL INCREASE WITHOUT NOTICE!


I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.