Mar 30, 2015

Cool Gel N Cap Warm/Cold Compress

Oh, how I wish I'd had this years ago. Not that I can't use it now for my grandkids and nieces and nephews, but it would have been so very helpful to have when my boys were young. It's frustrating to try and keep a child still with a thick, huge ice pack - particularly on the head. It's difficult and maybe even a little scary. But not the Cool Gel N Cap Warm/Cold Compress.

The knit cap has a cute animal face embroidered on it along with matching ears to make the warm and cold compress holder less intimidating. The interior of the cap has pockets with openings which allow you to place either of the two warm/cold gel packs anywhere around the head even down around the ears.

We apply it more as a cold compress to reduce headaches, fever and a few forehead to forehead collisions.
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What the Company has to say:

he Only First Aid Cap For Kids√  Naturally soothe your kids age 1+ bumps, bruises, fever symptoms, migraines, headaches, ear infection symptoms, and more in a fun, easy, and effective way with the Cool Gel N Cap.
√  Why buy just ice packs, cold packs, or warm packs when you can have a Cool Gel N Cap?
√  The gel packs that come with your Cool Gel N Cap can be used ANYWHERE it hurts, inside or out of the cap, anywhere on the body.  AND… the non-toxic, latex-free gel packs can be used cold AND warm, unlike conventional ice packs or cold packs.  This gives you the benefit of both a cold compress & warm compress for anywhere it hurts AND a cozy cap!
√  The Cool Gel N Cap is more comfortable on the head for your child than a traditional ice pack, cold pack, or especially a bag of frozen vegetables as the fabric is not only designed to be cozy, but also remove the sting of ice packs on the skin while letting the cool and warm therapy still get through.  The first aid cap is also designed to eliminate condensation associated with cold packs and ice packs.
√  Reduces swelling and relieves pain from head to toe.
√  Works perfectly as a cold compress or warm compress.  Freezer & Microwave safe.
√  The gel packs are non-toxic, water soluble, & latex free.  Also reusable!
√  Machine washable:  The cozy first aid cap can be washed over and over.
√  The cold compress of the Cool Gel N Cap is great for little ones suffering from Hemophilia, as its cooling gel packs slow the flow of blood to the affected area.
√  The Cool Gel N Cap is also a cozy solution for kids suffering from Dravet Syndrome as it is a comfortable way to keep cool during a fever.

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own. No compensation was received for this post.

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