Feb 17, 2015

Power Theory Credit Card-Sized External Battery Charger

There are quite a few different portable battery chargers out there. But not all of them has what the Power Theory has. I'm surprised more companies haven't implemented the idea of having a integrated Lightning cable built-in to the product. Well, Tek Republic has and it's a great idea.

It eliminates the need of having to bring an extra cable with you. Not that it is a big hassle, but we are all human and we forget things sometimes. At the size of just a bit larger than a credit card, this power bank was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy 3 from 38% to a completely full charge within 20 mins. That may sound a bit long to you but once you see how thin and light the charger is, you will appreciate it.
It's so lightweight and compact that you can just throw in your bag and forget that it was ever there....until you need it, of course.

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From the Company

THE POWERCARD - A PERFECT COMBINATION OF POWER, SIZE & WEIGHT. Many products claim to be "the world's thinnest, lightest power bank". Usually that just means they don't have enough juice to actually charge your phone enough to use it. If you compare our ratio of weight (60g/2.1oz), to compact size (3.75 x 2.4 x 1/4 inches) to powerful charge (2500 mAh Real Capacity) you will not find a better external battery charger for emergency situations or those days where you need a little extra power.

NO MORE FUSSING AROUND IN YOUR BAG FOR ANNOYING CHARGING CABLES. A portable battery charger is not really portable if you have to also carry the cables that easily break or tangle. Our smartly designed external power bank has a built-in Micro-USB and Apple Lightning Cable meaning you have everything need to charge your phone when you need it the most.

NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY POWER AGAIN. External battery packs are a great idea in theory, but we found that we never seemed to have them on hand when we needed them the most. To solve this we designed the PowerCard. Our lightweight design means you can always carry the charger with you whether you are out on business, travel or at a restaurant. Our A+ Li-Polymer battery cell (2500 mAh) means that you can depend on the PowerCard to fully charge almost all smartphones.

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own.
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