Feb 10, 2015

NorthONE Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review

In an age with low tire pressure on dash warning lights. A good gauge is a glove box necessity. I have always taken care of my tires but at my convenience. Both of our cars now have the low-pressure warning systems. They have a nasty tendency to go off at night, usually in bad weather. Most tire inflation stations in my area don't have an accurate pressure gauge on the inflator or the lighting is poor. All combined, glaring idiot light, bad weather and less than ideal inflating equipment conspire to the aggravate me. The NorthONE Digital Tire Pressure Gauge works as advertised. It is dead on accurate, and easier to use. I have discovered that the low-pressure warning limit on both cars is set not very far below the recommended tire pressure, so I now know when the idiot light comes on, chances are I am not in any real danger, allowing me to pick my spots when I will top off my tire pressure. I highly recommend the NorthONE Digital Tire Pressure Gauge.

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About the Brand

Increase Fuel Economy, Tire Life, Handling and Safety by Monitoring and Maintaining Tire Pressure Regularly
High visibility backlit digital display is quick, accurate and easy to read, day or night. Bright LED Lighted Nozzle for low light conditions
4 settings provide tire pressure in PSI, Bar, Kpa, or kg/cm
Simple One Button Design to Power on/off and Select Mode
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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