Feb 16, 2015

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Lemon Essential Oil

This little bottle of lemon oil (well not that little, compared to the little 1 oz bottles that essential oils usually come in this bottle is huge) is amazing. I use it for everything around the house. I spray it as air freshener, I spray to disinfect and deodorize as I clean, in the dishwasher, in the dish soap, in the bathrooms, trash cans, I even use it in my laundry! It is very long lasting, I had it for a couple of months and a couple of drops do the job. Another thing I noticed is that the smell makes me feel very happy.

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I do not know much about aromatherapy, but I definitely notice the change in my mood when I smell the lemon oil. I feel happy! This is the only scent I use in the house as synthetic fragrances give me migraines, but this has not triggered any. I love this product and would definitely recommend it for everyone.

About the Product
100% Pure and Natural Lemon Essential Oil

Aromatherapy, Health & Many Household Uses and Benefits

Detox Your Body and Boost Fat Burning Naturally

Great Fragrance, Energizing, Refreshing and Uplifting

-POWERFUL AND PURIFYING FRAGRANCE: Has a natural energizing, revitalizing and uplifting scent that helps to clear the mind
-HOUSEHOLD USES: Great disinfectant and antiseptic cleanser with refreshing and cooling properties. Clears Unpleasant odor, Used as air freshener and for cleaning applications including removing gum, oil, grease spots and sanitizing surfaces
-HEALTH AND SKIN CARE RECIPES: It's great for Aromatherapy, and used in many skin care recipes. It's also used in recipes to fight seasonal allergies. Good immune system booster and also helps in digestion

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are that of my own.
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