Feb 6, 2015

IntelliBED Pillow Review

I got the IntelliBED pillow about three weeks ago. I decided to get this pillow as a way to try out the intellibed technology without investing thousands of dollars in a mattress and possibly being disappointed. I have tried other "high tech" or "space aged" pillows such as those using latex and/or memory foam. Those pillows were not as soft as I prefer and gave me a lot pain and discomfort in my neck and on my ears. I ended up discontinuing the use of those after a few nights. I have also never had any luck with more traditional fiber fill or down pillows. However, this Intellibed pillow gives me the support I desire without providing the usual pressure and pain I experience - especially in my ears. So far, I am very happy and impressed by the comfort this pillow provides! It definitely has a different "feel" when compared to other pillows, but I have found it very comfortable to sleep on for the few weeks. One possible downside is the weight of the pillow - at about five pounds. It is so heavy that it can be difficult to move around or manipulate while laying in bed. The good news is that I have not had as much need to do that as I have had with other pillows I have tried.

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About the Brand

If you have trouble finding a pillow that properly supports your head all night long this pillow is for you. We start with a soft, but supportive foam core then add an adjustable, hand-pumpable air chamber that let’s you adjust the contour of the pillow by about 2 inches. This allows you to set the pillow at the perfect angle between your head and shoulder to get the support that’s just right for you.And once you get that angle of support it remains that way until you change it by adjusting the amount of air. Then we add a plush layer of Intelli-GEL Advanced Cushioning Material for outstanding comfort and finish up with a zippered cotton knit cover that perfectly complements the feel of the gel. Order Now…..Shipping is FREE!The IntelliPILLOW is great for side sleepers and back sleepers alike! It comes in three options, the side sleeper regular, the side sleeper low profile and the back sleeper. The large image (left) is of the Side Sleeper. The smaller image below is of the Back Sleeper. Notice on the back sleeper the contoured area in the middle for your head and raised sides for support should you roll onto your side. Pick whichever one is right for you!

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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