Jan 27, 2015

RepHresh® Vaginal Gel Review

This stuff is awesome. I always seem to get a little out of balance before and after my period (mild itching and irritation), and while it eventually goes away on its own, it can be annoying and get in the way at intimate moments. I saw a commercial for RepHresh and decided to give it a try after my most recent period. I inserted it at night and in the morning all itching and irritation was gone. I have had some discharge, but the website notes that it's just your body's way of sloughing off old, bad cells, and for me its completely worth it to feel this good, normal, and fresh (plus, who DOESN'T want to get the bad stuff out of there? It's what's making us feel "off!"). Just don't schedule any intimate moments within a day or two of using this stuff :)
Could be less expensive, but feeling normal and having a normal sex life is kind of priceless.

I received this product from Smiley360 in exchange for my unbiased review.

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