Jan 8, 2015

Party City-and-Beyond White Chinese Lanterns Review

I love the Party City-and-Beyond white chinese lanterns! They light up ant type of space. I used mine to help light up the porch at Christmas. I added some festive decoration to make them a little cuter. They are no lights or fishing string that come with these lanterns. So you have to purchase your own. You can add whatever you want to these to make them glow. Light sticks and battery operated LED lights would make a nice choice. If you are putting them on a tabletop and not hanging them you could use LED tea lights. I highly recommend the Party City-and-Beyond White Chinese Lanterns. If you would like to purchase these you can order them on Amazon HERE.

About the White Chinese Lanterns 

Enjoy white Chinese lanterns HANGING from doorways, ceilings, or beautifully arranged on a table top.
Your wedding dreams COME ALIVE with dazzling wedding paper lanterns setting an elegant mood.Paper Lantern


TAILOR DESIGN white paper lanterns w/ a touch of curled ribbon, stickers or colored streamers.

Party City-and-Beyond is owned by 4 sisters who LOVE TO PARTY with family and friends. Dear to our hearts are all the treasured memories of these special times.

For the less fortunate one, we donate parties to provide them with a memory that will never fade, partying it forward.

White Chinese paper lanterns are a BREEZE TO ASSEMBLE affordable, and can be tailored to enhance your party.

I was sent the product of in exchange for my unbiased review.

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