Jan 19, 2015

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack- Delicious pre-measured corn, oil, and seasoning Review

This is the original movie theater popcorn! It is so good we can’t even believe it. We actually picked up some cardboard popcorn containers (like you get at the movies) and pop a batch for our family movie nights (and now a couple TV nights throughout the week). We also serve the  Franklin's Gourmet popcorn as a snack when our friends come over. Everyone is blown away at how good it is. A few of our friends have actually asked for an unpopped package that they could take home.
Oh … and the aroma. It makes the house smells like a movie theatre. Every time we pop a batch our little dog sits in front of the popper and barks with excitement. Lol.
It’s super easy to use. It comes packaged in these little self-contained pouches that have all the ingredients. Just cut off the top of the bag and squeeze all the ingredients into your popper or a pan. It all melts together and in 3-4 minutes, you have yummy popcorn. We’ve popped at least a dozen bags already. It pops almost every kernel and one of the 8 ounce bags is more than enough for all five of us.
What a great find. We'll never go back to the microwave. This popcorn gets our family’s highest recommendation.

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From the Company

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn is a delicious organic popcorn portion pack that can be cooked in your popcorn machine or in a pot. The pre-measured pack includes popping corn (organic, non gmo, gluten free), seasoning, and 100% coconut oil. Its pre-measured for a perfect pop every time. Makes delicious popcorn that tastes just like the movies!

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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