Jan 24, 2015

Dalvia L-Arginine Amino Acid Complex Powder Review

First off this product tastes great to me. It has a fruit punch like taste. I have tried other products that tasted just plain terrible! So bad that I could not even get it down. I can't tell you how much better I feel after taking Dalvia L-Arginine Amino Acid Complex. I don't eat right, but I do take vitamins but I was lethargic and groggy and by the end of the day. When my head hit the pillow it literally took less than 60 seconds to fall asleep. My knees and lower back ached all the time and I just didn't feel well. I noticed a BIG difference on day 7 by taking the Dalvia L-Arginine Amino Acid Complex, so much more energy and alertness. I'm now on my first month taking L-arginine Plus and the difference is just amazing!! I now feel like exercising again and my knees and back feel great!! I just don't run out of energy by the days end. I highly recommend!

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About the Brand

Dalvia L-Arginine Amino Acid Complex Powder is a product of Dalvia Wellness Labs, a US-based company known for offering high-end quality health and wellness products.  It offers health products to people from all over the globe for the purpose of helping others find the road to better health and overall well being.

L-Arginine Amino Acid from Dalvia has been specifically formulated to help people have a healthier heart and body. It has an amino acid that blends along with L-Arginine and can help regulate blood pressure.  Dalvia's L-arginine has high energy levels with Vitamin B6 and B12 that also aids in weight loss and improved circulation.  It has a pleasant fruit punch flavored drink mix and this product is great for cardiovascular heart health and gives you that boost in any physical activity and is perfect for pre-work outs.

L-Arginine is beneficial for blood circulation, cardiac health and workout recovery.  Having the proper amino acids in our body can help us prevent angina, chest pains, blood clots, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia (for pregnant women), coronary heart diseases and other heart issues.  Aside from its heart benefits the product can actually help in other health aspects like maintaining balance in the body, wound healing, building muscle mass, growth regulation, boosting the immune system, resolving sexual dysfunctions and many other health benefits.

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review.
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