Jan 21, 2015

Beejuvenate Hand and Body Cream Review and Giveaway!

I Struggle With Extremely Dry, Itchy Skin In The Winter--Particularly On My Legs. It's Been So Bad At Times That I Have Broken The Skin Scratching My Legs In My Sleep--OUCH! That Paired With Very Hard Water Makes For A Nightmare. The Beejuvenate Hand and Body Cream Has Been A Miracle Worker For Me. When Used Regularly I've Even Been Able To Skip A Day Here Or There When I'm Pressed For Time. Also, I Understand That Many People Are Sensitive To Fragrance, However I've Had No Issues With My Sensitive Skin And The Light Scent This Lotion Contains. I Find It To Be Quite Pleasant & It Doesn't Compete When I Wear Perfume.

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From the Company

Beejuvenate skin and body cream is an all natural skin cream made from the finest oils and butters.  With beeswax as its primary ingredient is is specially formulated to keep your skin moist and soft.  Because Beejuvenate doesn't have alcohol please give the oils and butters in Beejuvenate a few minutes to absorb into your skin.  The beeswax will then form a protective coating over your skin keeping it soft all day.  Cream up the lotion from the jar with the back of your finger nail.  A dab the size of a pea will usually be enough for your hands or feet.  A little bit goes a long way so don't over do it. 

Here is how some of our customers use Beejuvenate:

prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
heal dry, cracked heels
heal children’s eczema
Moisturizes tattoos
Contractors use it to prevent and heal cracked finger tips
heal dry, itchy skin everywhere
heal chaffing overnight
heal a sun burn
Great on tanning burns
stop beard itch

I was sent this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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