Dec 19, 2014

SPAball Kaddy Review

SPAball Kaddy  is the perfect size and shape to fit in the palm of your hand for a great massage. The ball rolls around inside the Kaddy for an easy and comfortable massage whether you’re massaging you or someone else.

I use the SPAball Kaddy to massage my legs, arms, head and neck. After a long run it feels so good to just rub away the tension. If you are interested in buying the SPAball Kaddy then you can order it HERE.

About the SPAball Kaddy

The jewel-like patented SPAball Kaddy helps control a golf ball for a deep massage and protects the user's hands for self-care or to massage their partner! Same tool used by professional massage therapists and spas for Golf Ball Massage throughout the world.

I was sent the SPAball Kaddy in exchange for my unbiased review of the product.

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