Dec 26, 2014

Oleavine Facial Moisturizer Review

When I first put some on my face, I noticed the clean, refreshing smell. The cream felt really rich and thick. It wasn’t greasy and I was surprised how quickly it absorbed into my skin, but I didn't have to use very much to cover my face and neck. It’s not like other moisturizers I’ve bought in the past from the local convenient or department store that leave a film of grease on your face.

It lasts a long time too. I only put it on in the morning, but my skin was still softer and smoother when I washed it in the evening.
It wasn't as dry as it usually gets.

After using it for a few days, the dryness is gone and my skin feel great.

An additional benefit is looking and feeling better.
I won’t feel self-conscious about the red dry areas on my face anymore.

I also tried some on my cracked dried knuckles and heels.
It’s working there too.

Who would have thought that a moisturizer would work so well? I highly recommed the Oleavine Facial Moisturizer.
If you would like to purchase it for yourself then you can get it on Amazon.

About the Oleavine Facial Moisturizer 

At last, the anti-aging power of a serum, but the affordability and long lasting hydration of a moisturizer. Imagine being able to use just one moisturizer that can do so much for your skin and instantly leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft and glowing.

You can literally replace several beauty products with just this one amazing product. Don't be surprised if you can't stop touching your face because you can't believe how velvety soft your skin feels.

When the beautiful box arrives, take a second to admire the care we took in putting together a formula designed to target and support every aspect of aging skin. Don't be surprised if you start to get comments about how amazing your skin is looking.

You will be confident in knowing your new moisturizer is:

-All Natural
-Preservative Free
-Paraben Free
-Petroleum Free
-Phthalate Free
-Sulfate Free
-Silicone Free
-Cruelty Free
-Gluten Free
-Allergy Friendly

I was sent the Oleavine Facial Moisturizer in exchange for my unbiased review of the product.

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