Dec 15, 2014

Get Bats Out Toilet Plunger Review

I received this plunger for review. I found that my old plunger just did not fit the shape of the bowl and that is why it was not doing what it was supposed to. I don't have the need to unstop a toilet very often, but after my last episode I decided I needed to upgrade.

Wouldn't you know that it wouldn't take long before I needed to take the plunge. Well, not really that, but you know what I mean. So, I was somewhat excited (or should I say curious), to see how this plunger worked. I can say that I couldn't have been more pleased.

 This plunger really made a difference. It was over so quick that I found myself asking what took me so long to upgrade. I've seen similar shaped plungers, but this one seem to be all one piece, which helps with the push-pull motion. Okay, so what's the excitement over a new plunger? Nothing, unless you're the one doing the work, and this is a good one. I highly recommend!

If you would like to purchase the Get Bats Out Toilet Plunger you can order it on Amazon.

About The Get Bats Out Toilet Plunger 

Toilet Plunger - Industrial Grade

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade - Use in the Home or Commercial Settings
Better Performance - Large Extended Cup for Best Pressure, Fit, and Suction
Better Sanitation - Plastic Handle is Easier to Clean than Wooden Handles
Easier to Use - Avoid Splinters and Blisters with the Plastic Handle and Quick Sealing Soft Rubber Cup

Medium Sized, Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

Our plunger is Industrial grade. Made with a very sturdy plastic handle, it is easy to keep clean and sanitize. The plastic is sturdier than competing brands that use aluminum and is easy on the hands. The large rubber cup builds pressure fast and is effective with both sinks and toilets.

High Performance
- Soft rubber over-sized cup forms a quick seal
- Heavy duty rubber builds suction and pressure fast
- Clears difficult clogs fast!

I was sent the Get Bats Out Toilet Plunger for my unbiased review of the product.

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