Dec 17, 2014


Biblical Beauty by Rachelle Weisberger is a rare find. It combines the old with the new, breathing new life into the women of the Bible and showing how they exhibited both strength and beauty. Weisberger shows us that beauty is timeless and is defined by both inner and outer qualities as she deftly weaves the stories of these heroic women.

This is a scholarly, well-researched book that gives an intelligent look at all aspects of beauty, health, and aging . It has practical and relevant tips that the reader can easily apply in her own beauty regimen.

Weisberger's book is more than just an interesting read. It gives advice and information that empowers the modern woman to follow in the footsteps of her biblical predecessors and discover and enhance her natural beauty.
This is not a book that collects dust on a shelf. It will be referred to time and again for its wisdom and helpful advice. This is a perfect gift to give to the women in your life. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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Biblical Beauty looks at what makes us beautiful in a new light – by
integrating biblical, historical and cultural perspectives on female
beauty with a modern sensibility, supplemented with practical advice
and user-friendly tips. You’ll find fresh insights on skin care,
sun care, makeup, hair care, healthy aging, choices in motherhood and
feminine leadership. By combining ancient secrets with modern
solutions, Biblical Beauty will guide you toward empowerment, renewal,
and a daily celebration of beauty in your own life.

I was sent a copy of BIBLICAL BEAUTY in exchange for my unbiased review.

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